Lose weight by not losing motivation

Work with our motivational coaches to stick to your weight loss plan.

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The Fitmate program was designed by experts from:


of Fitmate clients lose weight and keep it off.

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Work with a coach to put in place techniques to stay motivated


A realistic plan of action that works for you

Adapt proven healthy weight loss principles (eg. lean filling meals) to foods & activities you enjoy and can deliver on.

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Routines to stick to your plan

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Focus each week on 1-2 healthy habits with realistic goals

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Plan your week to make sure it happens, with practical resources

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Check-ins on your progress to help you stay on track

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Get practical feedback and address setbacks

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Don’t overpay for coaching.
An online coach anytime, anywhere without paying hundreds of dollars a month.

If they can do it, you can too.

I have only been on this app for a few days and I have to say they are amazing! An actual coach will ALWAYS respond to you. And when your main coach is off hours another team member is available. I was nervous about the weekends because that is my toughest time and thought i would have to go it alone, but nope, someone is always available! They are supportive and take the time to encourage you and keep you accountable. I am beyond impressed in just a couple days! Let’s do this Sebastian!

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5 star rating for Fitmate Coach

This has been life changing for me! I have never been disciplined enough to eat healthy or exercise and it has caught up with me. I am a private person and have never felt comfortable going to a gym, so working with my coach has been just what I needed. I have never been able to set healthy goals and stick to them by myself before. Fitmate has helped me set achievable goals and held me accountable with great encouragement.

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5 star rating for Fitmate Coach

I have tried other programs with personal coaches, and never have I received such useful and uplifting feedback as I do with Gigi from Fitmate, not to mention really fast response time. It truly feels like we are a team doing this together, and that is a priceless feeling. I would highly recommend Fitmate, and specifically Gigi, if you need some help with accountability.

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5 star rating for Fitmate Coach

I really like being able to have check-ins throughout the week and not have to save all my questions up. I send in photos of my meals everyday and videos to check if I'm doing things right with my workouts. Just knowing someone is going to look at it makes a big difference.

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5 star rating for Fitmate Coach

Even though I think I know what I should be doing, having the goals per week and someone keeping me accountable is really great.

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5 star rating for Fitmate Coach

Great service. Fitmate has helped me realise my goals and stay motivated especially through lockdown. I would highly recommend this customised one-to-one accountability service for reaching your goals.

Robyn Drake

5 star rating for Fitmate Coach