Let Them Eat Carbs! That’s Right. We’ll Show You Which Ones Will Help You Reach Your Goals.

We show you which ones taste good and will help you reach your goals.

Have you ever started on a new health plan to lose weight, improve your body tone, or gain energy, and found yourself stalled by carbohydrates? “Should I include them?” If so, “what ones should I include?” Let’s break it down for ya.

Some experts say they are good, and some say they are bad; we can see how this could be confusing. That’s why we believe in a three-pronged approach. This includes carbohydrates to:

1. Focus On

2. Eat In Moderation

3. Avoid

When choosing a carb, ask yourself this - does it contain high amounts of fiber? If you are not sure, we can help. It’s important to choose high fiber foods as they keep you fuller for longer and they slow the absorption of sugars from food into your body; making it less likely those sugars will be turned into fat. Voila. Let’s look at a few unhealthy carbs that are found as part of regular food intake. Then we’ll do a swap for some healthier options.

Food Swaps

White Bread Wholegrain / Rye Bread

White bread often comes with some nifty marketing techniques to make you believe it is much healthier than it is. You may see the words ‘fortified with vitamins and minerals,’ or ‘added fiber.’ Don’t let these buzzwords fool you; white bread is never a healthy option. Choosing wholegrain, dark bread that is high in fiber is the best option for you. Not only do these types of bread keep your digestive system healthy, but they also provide you with a long-lasting feeling of fullness - the darker the better when choosing bread.

FITMATE Coach - Wholegrain / Rye Bread

White Pasta Lentil Or Wholegrain Pasta

Did you know standard white pasta actually contains very little fiber? And as pasta just happens to be one of those foods you will crave when starting a healthy diet, it’s important to have your alternatives ready. The best alternative to these refined pasta options is the new breed of pastas made from legumes like lentils and beans. The taste and texture of these pasta options are very similar to the refined white option but without the blood sugar highs and lows. You will also find alongside the extra fiber, these pastas are higher in protein. An even better option is to eat the lentils and beans themselves as they contain even more protein and fiber to keep you full. Legumes and legume based pasta is a great way to control your hunger and stabilize blood sugar levels. I promise you lentil pasta from Tolerant tastes SO good.

FITMATE Coach - Lentil Pasta

Fruit Juices Red Fruits  

Fruit juices may taste delicious but they are far from healthy. Fruit juices are largely made up of sugar and devoid of fiber. Plus depending on how the juice was made actually retain very little vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. By choosing fruits, and in particular red fruits you are getting more fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. When consuming any kind of fruit (as with any food) make sure to try and eat it in its whole food form. The whole fruit contains fiber to keep you full and the nutrients your body needs to help metabolize the food properly and avoid blood sugar highs and lows that not only will leave you with cravings and constant feelings of hunger, but will also leave you feeling exhausted. Don’t crash, eat the red fruit.

FITMAT Coach - Red fruits

Although there are healthy carb alternatives just remember to enjoy in moderation as these items are usually high in calories. These foods should form an important, but minority part of a balanced meal.

These food swaps provide some great options to start. Your custom program will provide in-depth information on the carbs you need to include in your health plan, alongside other foods to achieve your health and fitness goals. Take the Fitmate Quiz below to get started and connect with your Fitmate Coach to talk about what your goals are.

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