Lose weight by not losing motivation

As a client of Dr.K. Beauty LV it is recommended that you work with our motivational coaches to start and maintain your weight loss.

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What you’ll pay
First month.
Then $75 a month or $315 for 5 months
What would Fitmate usually cost?
$75 first month. Then $75 a month

The Fitmate program was designed by experts from:

How it works

Start your program

Your expert coach personalizes your program to your specific needs and lifestyle

Image of a chat between coach and client
Image of a chat between coach and client

Work with a coach

Set new goals and address challenges each week

Get healthier for life

Start learning the skills to help you get maintain a healthy weight for good

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What are the benefits?

Work with a coach one-on-one at your own pace
Regulate eating, exercise and lifestyle habits with your personalised Fitmate Programme
Improve your mood, productivity, and boost your energy levels
Take control of your health, weight, and general wellness
Reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues

What is Fitmate?

A modern science-backed program that helps you get to a healthy weight - to be happier, more confident, and live a fuller life.
Your program is personalised and adapted to you, your lifestyle challenges, like stress, and your health goals.
We’re not a fad diet. We’re a holistic approach that covers all aspects of your health profile by addressing nutrition, movement, and lifestyle.
Support and Accountability
Unlimited support and accountability from your expert nutrition coach.
Expert Knowledge
Designed by top nutrition and fitness experts with methods recommended by Stanford medicine, Precision Nutrition, and other leading institutions.

If they can do it, you can too.

Healthy living shouldn't feel hard. Fitmate makes it feel easier with our health coaching app that you can access whenever and wherever you are


How do you help me stay on track?

Academic studies show that keeping up with healthy habits requires essential steps which your 1-on-1 coach will help you put in place:

✔ Setting specific goals for the week that you can work towards, and which are attainable

✔ Doing things you enjoy - it’s not sustainable to only eat foods or perform activities you dislike.

✔ Visualise and plan ahead, for example what you need to buy for your meals

✔ Getting regular feedback on what’s on your plate and on your progress  

✔ Regular check-ins from your coach to provide expert support and accountability.

Who is my coach?

To make sure you get support any day or time of the week you will be matched to your dedicated one-on-one coach as well as a support coach, they are both certified to deliver the Fitmate weight-loss program.

Each coach will have access to your program and messenger, so they can pick up on past conversations with your team.

How do I communicate with my coaches?

When you enroll, you get access to Fitmate’s dedicated messenger app where you can:

✔ Chat with your dedicated coach any day of the week

✔ See your program and track your progress

✔ Access your custom resources to help you achieve your weekly goals (grab and go recipes, workout videos etc.)

What does the program cover?

Our nutrition coaches help you follow a science-backed holistic program focused on:

✔ Balancing healthy foods with your favourite comfort foods

✔ Realistic and achievable calorie targets introduced in your second month

✔ Physical activity you’ll enjoy and which fits within your schedule

✔ Other lifestyle factors that could improve results like managing stress

Will I need to follow a restrictive diet?

Science tells us that following a restrictive diet doesn’t work. That’s why our Fitmate coaches help you gradually build a healthy nutrition routine instead:

✔ Eating foods like lean proteins and carbs rich in fibre which fill you up for a lower calorie intake

✔ Addressing lifestyle factors like stress which could cause overeating

✔ Sticking to realistic calorie targets without counting every calorie

✔ Balancing healthy nutrition with foods you actually enjoy

Get to and stay at the weight you always wanted

If you're ready to begin your journey, click on your consultant below, sign up and tell your Fitmate coach more about youself.

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