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Monitoring your progress

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Boosting Motivation through Progress Monitoring

Once you've established your SMART goals for the week and developed a feasible action plan, vigilantly monitoring your daily progress can heighten your motivation in multiple aspects. 

  • You become accountable, making your commitment palpable. 
  • Ticking items off your checklist instills a sense of triumph and satisfaction, propelling you towards the next task. 
  • By breaking down your extensive weight-loss objective into daily victories, you propel your motivation, making the goal seem less daunting and more achievable. 
  • Sharing your progress with someone capable of providing positive reinforcement—like a friend or your health coach—can also significantly contribute to your motivation.

How to Monitor Your Progress

A simple yet effective tool for tracking daily achievements is employing a checklist, the same one you utilized for devising your weekly plan. 

Update this checklist consistently with your daily progress and accomplishments. Document your meals, physical activities, water consumption, and any other relevant goals for the week. The simplicity of this system allows for easy updates and offers a visual aid, underscoring your day-to-day accomplishments. In turn, this could serve as encouragement, pushing you to strive harder towards your weekly goals. 

At the end of the week, review your list for successes and challenges. Sharing your progress with a health coach or a supportive friend can offer motivation and expert guidance to adjust your plans as necessary. Every check mark represents a step closer to your ultimate fitness goal. Remember, it's about striving for progress, not perfection.

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A realistic plan of action that works for you

Adapt proven healthy weight loss principles (eg. lean filling meals) to foods & activities you enjoy and can deliver on.

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Routines to stick to your plan

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Focus each week on 1-2 healthy habits with realistic goals

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Plan your week to make sure it happens, with practical resources

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Check-ins on your progress to help you stay on track

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Get practical feedback and address setbacks

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