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Worked at Fitmate for 2.5 yrs

Helped 100+ clients reach their goals

My specialist areas

🍲 Nutrition
👟 Activity
🧘🏻 Lifestyle
🗓 Habit building
🙌 Accountability
💪 Tackling obstacles
🚺 Women’s health

About me

I love to travel and have visited over 20 countries so far! I usually try to combine travels with a hike and recently hiked “Picos de Europa” which is a really challenging trail in Spain, as well as Mount Washington in NH 🥾

When I’m not travelling, I’m staying active with daily yoga and meditation, as well as other home workouts (I love MadFit and JessYoga) and listening to podcasts (ask me for recommendations!)

I believe that support, accountability and planning are the keys to success 🚀

What my clients say

“What I like most is his honesty. These coaches do a great job of critiquing meal options, making recommendations, and offering guidance on how to do it better next time, if necessary. Time is spent each week considering what has taken place in the past week and the best way to attack the coming week. Communication occurs daily and it feels natural. I would recommend Fitmate to any of my friends.”

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5 star rating for Fitmate Coach

“I started this program with the desire to lose fat. Fitmate has taught me about the importance of choosing fiber rich foods, drinking water, healthy snacking, calorie counting, exercise and making great food choices while eating out.”

Image of a client


5 star rating for Fitmate Coach